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Booking Process

The online booking process consists of 6 steps.

  1. You select the prefer Tour and the Full day or Half dy Duration
  2. You select date / time and the pick-up and drop-off locations.
  3. You enter the number of passengers and the extra adults and the kids (if any)
  4. Fill the appropriate fields with detailed - personal data for the tour reservation
  5. Choose any option you like from available extra services
  6. In order to receive a confirmation page for your reservation, you must accept the terms and conditions. This page is secured (you may check the security certificate) and all data is encrypted. The advance payment appears in this page.


As soon as we receive your reservation, Mykonos Exclusive Tours will accept it or not depending on the availability. This is the reason why making your reservation some time in advance is important, especially during the peak season of July and August.

In order a reservation to take effect, a down-payment is required. These payments will only be RESERVED in your account until the final confirmation of the booking.

In case a booking is not confirmed for any reason, the payments will not be deducted from your account. Mykonos Exclusive Tours does NOT have the obligation to reserve a tour if the advance payment is not completed.

In case the booking is confirmed, the down-payment will be deducted from your account by Mykonos Exclusive Tours respectively, so make sure that the amount for the down-payment is available in your account.

An automate from our booking system confirmation email for the reservation with details of the tour will be sent to you via e-mail, so make sure that the e-mail address you provide is correct.

In case Mykonos Exclusive Tours cannot confirm your reservation for any reason a cancellation e-mail will be sent to you with suggestions on changing your order; no payments will be captured from your account.

It is essential that you provide a correct e-mail address and mobile phone number, as the email (=voucher) contains important information on the tour at your destination.

Pick-up instructions and telephone numbers will be written on your voucher.

No refund is made due to unreceived or unread voucher.


Payment method

In case the booking is confirmed, the down-payment will be deducted from your account by Mykonos Exclusive Tours respectively. The final confirmation/voucher for the reservation will be sent via e-mail, so make sure that the e-mail address you provide is correct and the amount for the down-payment is available in your account.


Pick-up information

While making your reservation, it is essential that you provide some important information:

For Airport pick-ups, the flight number and arrival time, before the tour start date is required.

For pick-up from Ports, the name of the ferry/cruise ship and arrival time is required.

For pick -up from Hotel/Residence the name of the hotel/residence and -if available- the telephone number and address too, are required.

If this information is not available at the time of booking, you have to inform Mykonos Exclusive Tours about these details at least 3 days before the tour start date either online or by phone at the number appearing on your voucher. If this information is not provided in time; Mykonos Exclusive Tours cannot accept responsibility or compensation for a failed tour.



In order to make a modification, you have to cancel your initial booking in order to make a new one, or you can contact us by email. If the modification is made at least 7 days prior to the date of the tour, the down-payment is refunded. No admin fees will be charged.


Cancellations Policy of Confirmed Reservations

All cancellations are made through the [ cancel link ] that we provide into email notification. Normally we do not accept cancellations by phone. For cancellations made at least 168 hours (7 full days) prior to the start date of the tour, the whole amount of your down payment is returned and there will be no additional costs. For cancellations made 168 hours (7 full days) or less prior to the start date, the down payment is NOT refunded.

Cancellations/Modifications after the starting of the tour are handled by Mykonos Exclusive Tours at your destination.

No refund is made for no-shows at the destination, early returns or cancellations after the tour start date.


Tour documents

The tour voucher should be presented at the pick-up point.

Mykonos Exclusive Tours is not liable for tours rejected in case a voucher is not presented.


Provision of vehicles

Mykonos Exclusive Tours reserves the right to refuse to provide a car to any customer who is, in their opinion, unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements.

In case you are not satisfied in any way with the standard of your tour, you SHOULD contact Mykonos Exclusive Tours AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Such situations are to be handled with Mykonos Exclusive Tours locally. Failure to do so may result in claims being rejected or unsettled.

Aiming at the improvement of our services, we would appreciate any feedback on your experience.


Consequential loss

Mykonos Exclusive Tours company is not liable for any indirect losses that happen as a side-effect of the main loss or damage, which could not have been foreseen by the client and Mykonos Exclusive Tours (such as loss of profits or loss of opportunity).


Force Majeure

Mykonos Exclusive Tours is not liable for either a failure to perform or delay in performing any of its obligations under this booking agreement in case a performance is delayed, hindered or prevented due to force majeure, meaning any event beyond the reasonable control of Mykonos Exclusive Tours, such as natural disasters etc.


Special requests

Baby seats/child seats or any other special requests are upon request and upon availability.



The rates include:

Third party insurance, covering third person against property damages and body injuries.



All prices and charges listed on the reservation form are subject to VAT. VAT and all taxes included to our rates.





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